Harlan Coben: the Myron Bolitar series

Written by Harlan Coben

AMATEUR DETECTIVE. Myron Bolitar, Coben’s hero, is a former basketball star derailed from a big career by a crippling knee injury. Now he’s a sports agent, with a sideline in solving mysteries – mysteries often associated with one of his athletes. If you haven’t read them it’s hard to explain the appeal of a 6’4” guy who still sleeps in the basement of his parent’s house in Livingston, New Jersey, but the books are great, perhaps for me because even though I’m not terribly interested in watching sports I really like fiction about them. Also, generally speaking, these books are mildly humorous and witty, a different vibe from Coben’s best-selling stand alones. Myron has an assistant/partner, a gorgeous, hip former lady wrestler who was once the star of FLOW (Fabulous Ladies of Wrestling) under the name Little Pocahontas. And a best friend, Windsor Horn Lockwood III, better known as Win, who is a v. rich Lilly Pulitizer tie wearing WASP psycho who can hurt you with either hand—and enjoy doing it. Both much loved friends are useful in Myron’s line of work. The role of the major people in his life evolves as the series go on but the relationships endure. There are eleven Myron Bolitar books. A complete list can be found in Magpie Recommends. I’d say you probably can pick the series up anywhere but why not have the fun of meeting the characters at the beginning and watching their lives unfold as the mysteries are solved.

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