Journey to Munich

Written by Jacqueline Winspear |

HISTORICAL SPY THRILLER. Maisie Dobbs is back in London but not for long. Brian Huntley and Robert MacFarlane of the British Secret Service seek her out for a dangerous mission. Leon Donat, a valuable British boffin (that’s scientist and inventor to you) is imprisoned in Dachau. The British government has been negotiating for two years to gain his release, and at last the Germans are willing to let him go – if a family member comes for him. Huntley and MacFarlane ask Maisie to impersonate Donat’s daughter and bring him home.

The scene is Munich in early Spring of 1938, with Europe poised for trouble but not yet at war. The streets are full of Brown Shirts who knock to the ground anyone who does not salute them with “Heil Hitler.” And her contact at the British embassy warns her to pick up Donat quickly before Hitler carries out his rumored plans for the annexation of Austria.

One of the pleasures of historical novels is the lack of technology, no cell phone tracking, computers, eyes in the sky. Maisie must depend on her own wits and the help of a few friends to carry out her mission. In Munich she is spied upon and occasionally aided by a Mark Scott, mysterious American who promises he “has her six.”

This new book has been referred to in other places as a ‘reboot’ of the series, a book that could take Maisie in a whole new direction though we expect she will still be the same thoughtful, serious minded heroine we’ve come to love. Faithful readers have become used to the recurring characters in the books, her father, Brenda, Priscilla, Sandra and Billy. Are we now going to see more of Mark Scott, the sinister Hans Berger, and John Otterburn (whose last name one reviewer pointed out is a clever mash-up of Canadian business tycoon, Lord Beaverbrook)? Obviously, more excitement is on the way. Stay tuned.

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Jacqueline Winspear
Journey to Munich (a Maisie Dobbs Novel)
Harper/Harper Collins
March 29, 2016
287 pages

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