Murder in Morningside Heights

A Gaslight mystery | Written by Victoria Thompson

HISORICAL PI’S. Sarah and Frank’s life dramatically changed in the last two books, but some things stay the same—murder. Abigail Northup, a talented and beautiful girl who aspires to be a ‘new woman’ is killed for no apparent reason. Her grieving parents want justice for their daughter. The blame themselves for her death–if only they had kept her at home in Tarrytown and not let her attend the Normal School of Manhattan, one of the schools started to train women to be teachers, she would be alive. Abigail was a top student, so excellent she had been offered a teaching job at the school after graduation. Her parents claim she was much loved. But as Frank and Sarah talk to her landlady ( the only female professor at the Normal School), her brother, her best friend, and the man who wanted to marry her, it is clear that every one of them has secrets. Would one of them killed the girl to keep her silent? Then there is another murder…. Victoria Thompson offers her readers a window into life in New York at the turn of the century. This book is #19 in the series. It certainly stands alone, but if it is your introduction to Sarah and Frank you’ll probably want to go back and read the first book (Astor Place) and at least one other book as an introduction to the characters in this solid series before going forward. Many of us who live in New York City are addicted to Ms. Thompson’s depiction of life in the city’s changing neighborhood, high and low. Worthwhile as well as entertaining.
Berkley Prime Crime
May 3, 2016
296 pages