Seeds of Deception

A Kate Burkholder Short Story | Written by Linda Castillo

This short tale of 14-year-old Kate Burkholder offers an interesting glimpse of the heroine of Linda Castillo’s mystery series. Kate is now Chief of Police in Painter’s Mills, Ohio, but she grew up Amish. Here we meet the young teenage Kate before she has made the decision to leave her family’s religion. She is picking apples with her brother Jacob when her best friend Mattie shows up. Mattie is a little bolder than Kate, and goes off into a nearby barn to smoke a forbidden cigarette with Billy, an equally forbidden Englisher (non Amish) boy. Not long afterward the barn goes up in flames. Mattie says Billy is responsible. Billy denies it and when he is arrested he threatens Kate unless she tells the police the truth about Mattie. Kate isn’t sure she knows what the truth is, and decides to investigate. Many times these Kindle short stories read like outtakes from the author’s novels and are kind of a waste of time unless you just feel the need to be in touch. Not this one. Check it out.

A Kindle Single

Sandra Jordan